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Music Explorers fosters children’s social and emotional growth through whimsical song and playful exploration

Music Explorers is a unique Early Childhood Music program that focuses on the whole child, laying the foundations not only musically, but mentally, emotionally, and physically. Based on the National Standards for Music Education, Music Explorers provides students with an opportunity to develop beginning music skills all while encouraging a child’s confidence and self-expression.

The Modern Music Academy is happy to announce that our Music Explorers course for 3.5–5-year-olds. Each Music Explorers group class is 45 minutes long, and led by our Early Childhood Music Education Specialist, Ms. Erin Porter.

We will have two groups of up to 10 students follow the carefully crafted Early Childhood Music Curriculum simultaneously. Saturdays at 10:00 AM – 3:00PM.

Students must be registered by March 23rd

Unit 1

Saturday Classes – Saturday at 10:00 AM 

First Class: March 23rd

You can enroll directly in the class via the button below, or complete the form if you have any additional questions!

Through Music Explorers, students will be introduced to musical concepts like:

  • Steady Beat, Tone-Matching, Musical pre-reading symbols, and melodies
  • The students will explore: Voice, Sticks, Triangles, Hand Drums, Bongos, and Bells.
  • The original songs and activities in the program will nourish the development of social, emotional, and fine motor skills.
  • The 32-week progressive Music Education course curriculum is split into 4 units, each 8 weeks long.
  • The cost for each unit (8-weeks) is $200
  • The cost for a commitment to 2 units (16-weeks) of the course is $385

You can enroll directly in the class or complete the form above if you have any additional questions!

Come explore music with our wonderful teacher, Ms. Erin Porter.

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