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Group Classes for Ages 3 – 4

All music instruction begins with basic musical preparation. The Music Explorers curriculum teaches developmentally-appropriate material aligned with the National Music Standards specific to children aged 3-5. And it is FUN! We will sing, dance and play classroom instruments within the child’s comfortable world of colors, shapes and pre-reading symbols.

Our classes are an 8-week program where 5-10 children meet each week for a 45-minute class.  Little ones are encouraged to attend class all by themselves, but parents are always welcome to watch.

Musical concepts such as steady beat, tone matching, listening skills, coordination, musical vocabulary, singing and playing classroom instruments are all taught by a music education professional.

Have you ever wondered if your child will someday take private music lessons? 

Music Explorers is fabulous preparation for formal individual music instruction later on in their life, as the rich music curriculum will see young students comfortably perfect the basic skills needed to continue their music education journey.

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