Brand Programs

band practice in new jersey


  • Weekly Band Practice
  • Professionally Record Covers & Original Songs
  • Dedication to CLEAN Rehearsals
  • Cost:
    • $120 – student is attending band only
    • $110 – student also attends a music lesson
    • $100 – student attends two or more music lessons

First Rock

As the name suggests, this band is the “first” step for our youngest musicians. This band is specifically formed with students of similar beginner skill level. Students will expedite their understanding of their instrument as they connect with bandmates for the very first time. Expect fun performances!

Recommended for ages 7-11.

Road to Rock

Road to Rock is a good step for determined beginner musicians who are looking to participate in a rock band. Our students will learn how to balance their sound, play in unison, and appreciate a wide variety of rock tunes from across the decades. Every week, private teachers will help your students learn their roles and show them how to succeed in a group performance setting.

Start your journey here to make your way to the front of the stage! This class is available to standard rock instrumentation.

Girls Rock

Our girls are on FIRE in this all-female rock group. No previous band experience is required, but students must be at an intermediate level of playing or higher. Songs are chosen by both students and the instructors. Fire Rock members take the stage several times a year and thrive on demonstrating showmanship.

This class is available to standard rock instrumentation and select winds or strings.

Modern Music Academy Artist Band

A love for all things rock is recommended, hard work is required. This group is for our most advanced students who are ready to dedicate themselves to regular practice, performance quality, diverse repertoire, and their fellow band mates. Our Artist Band performs several times a year at rock-friendly venues (like Ringside and Just Jake’s). This class is available to standard rock instrumentation.