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Nelson Dougherty

About Nelson Dougherty

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Nelson Dougherty is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer. He studied Jazz and classical guitar at Brevard College where earned a Bachelor of Arts with and emphasis in Jazz. Nelson also completed the 5 week Performance Program at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2012 he recorded his first album as a leader that included many of his own compositions.

Nelson teaches guitar, ukulele, bass and drums. Nelson’s vision is to help students learn music theory basics to create their personal, and original artistic perspective. He has taught many guitar players, from absolute beginners to skilled performers who are looking for new ideas. He is well versed and passionate about many styles of music including funk, rock, pop, jazz and classical.

Nelson and Middle C staffer Bryan McEntire at the Middle C Music 12th anniversary.

Nelson and Middle C Staffer Michael Sweeney.

Nelson and Middle C guitar teacher John Linn.

Nelson with his band ¡FIASCO! , live at Twins Jazz in Washington, D.C.

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