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Felipe first picked up a guitar to escape summer boredom when he was 12 years old at the bequest of his father. Initially, Felipe taught himself but quickly grew serious in his guitar studies and ultimately graduated from the National Conservatory of Music in La Paz, Bolivia with a focus in electric guitar.

Upon graduation, Felipe accepted a position teaching electric guitar at his alma mater, the National Conservatory of Music, for seven years.

He also taught various types of instrumental music classes at Highlands International School, an international baccalaureate program taught in English and following the US academic year but located in La Paz, Bolivia, for nine years.

When he wasn’t teaching electric and acoustic guitar, Felipe both participated in and formed several bands, including Felipe Zuniga and the Extremist Band, through which recorded and released an instrumental LP in 2014 and a second LP which was a mix of instrumental and music with lyrics in 2021. Felipe loves sharing his passion for music with both children and adults, knowledge of music theory and composition, as well as experience performing.

Here is Felipe’s first self-titled album on Spotify.

Here is his second album, Caminaremos Juntos.

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