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Alicia Kopfstein, Ph.D. is a master teacher (her students call her the “technique queen!”), classical guitarist, folk singer, ukulele player, and classical singer as well as award-winning musicologist, and published author. This broad range of experience provides her with an unusually varied perspective which enriches every lesson. A gifted communicator, she was the head of the classical guitar department at Northern Virginia Community College for 20 years, and now teaches all styles of guitar, music theory, music history, music appreciation, and ear training/sight singing at American University. As a scholar and author, her articles have appeared in Guitar Review, Soundboard, Classical Guitar, and American String Teachers Association Journal. She has performed on both guitar and voice in a variety of classical music productions from liturgical dramas, Renaissance consort concerts, oratorios, operas, chamber music performances, and solo recitals at such halls as the Kennedy Center, the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, the Metropolitan Opera, as well as throughout the Washington, D.C., area. She has also performed rock, pop, and folk in clubs from Bonaire to Ft. Lauderdale to D.C. Alicia is a compassionate problem-solver who loves helping people enjoy and fulfill themselves through music. Choose your path, then Alicia helps you achieve your goals with the music you love while learning the best technique possible.

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