Group Class Cancellation & Refund Policy

Melody Academy of Music reserves the right to cancel any group class with fewer than three (3) enrolled students. We will refund of any tuition and materials fees when a class is canceled. If you sign up via your city, the refund will be processed by the city.

Group classes with three (3) students or Semi-Private classes for two (2) students are permitted by special arrangement with the teacher. Group tuition fees for three (3) students and two (2) students will be incrementally higher.

Please Note: No refund (of tuition or materials fees) after your child attends the first group class. Also, there are no makeup lessons for group classes.

Private Lessons

We require all students to register with us on an annual basis.

All registered students (group lesson students in session 2 and beyond) will be issued an access card that will allow him or her to enter the front door of the studio. We encourage you to keep your lesson time as that will affect your access to the studio. If you will miss your music lessons for six (6) or more weeks, you must fill out the [withdrawal form].

All students are required to provide a two week advance notice to withdraw from music lessons. No private lesson tuition or materials fee will be refunded. We will, however, refund you the $25 card access deposit after receipt of the Student Withdraw Form.

If your child needs to reschedule class, you need to provide 24-hour advance notice directly to your teacher. We understand that is it is not always possible. We encourage you to work with your teacher to reschedule the class as soon as possible. If your child missed a class and you did not provide 24-hour advance notice to the teacher, you may not be able to make up the missed class.

Please Note: Unused classes are non-transferable to another student or another quarter/session. We encourage you to work with your teacher to make up the missed class(es) by the end of the quarter/session.