Zak Reiter

Piano (Beginning & Intermediate), Voice, Guitar & Bass

Zak Reiter

About Zak Reiter

Zak has played the guitar for over 9 years and classical guitar technique for over 5 and has been teaching for over 5 years. Zak has a degree from Judson University where he performed, among others, for the Judson Guitar Ensemble and continues his own training both guitar and piano. He has played piano for several years with 3 years of piano study at Judson University. His passion is music…….and it shows. He is fun, compassionate and a great communicator, and we are happy to have him back at MECA after a short hiatus while he explored the West coast of America. Zak prides himself in establishing a strong chemistry with his students.

Zak also teaches guitar, ukulele and vocal

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