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Our Approach to Kids Music Classes at Music Education Center

Introduce your young musician to the piano through the use of color, numbers, and the musical alphabet. Students will start to develop rhythm and finger dexterity too! A great fun beginning to your students adventure in music.

Music Education Center offers special youth lessons for musicians ages 4 – 6 years old. From the very beginning, with Kids Play Piano, there’s no better place to start exploring your child’s musical adventure.

These 15 minute “private” lessons provide a general music background and hands on instruction in a FUN environment. Offered on Thursday & Saturday.

Skills Improvement for Children

● Listening skills 

● Language skills 

● Social skills

● Pre-reading skills 

● Counting skills 

● Multi-cultural awareness skills

Music Lessons Should Be Fun!

We know that an interest in music may be what first brings you into our school – but having fun is what keeps you coming back!

Here at Music Education Center, our goal is for every student to LOVE their music lessons as they embark on a rewarding journey of progress and discovery.

We put the “fun” in fundamentals!

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is critical to lifelong enjoyment of the piano.

Our first priority is teaching strong fundamentals, including hand, wrist and arm technique, bench position, and pedaling.

We believe that full-body instruction is essential to musicianship and safeguards students from injury.

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