Music Education Center

Keyboard Classes – Fun Over 50

MECA’s Fun Over 50 group is for active adults, who are interested in beginning keyboard classes. This group is all about breaking the rules of traditional keyboard classes. Students will enjoy easy play music, less practice time, playing familiar songs, easier left-hand parts, and hands-on learning in a fun and exciting learning environment. Not to mention, the social events!

Our 6-week course for beginners is the perfect place to get started. Complete with everything you need to play in the classroom, and at home, there’s no reason not to start pursuing your dream of making music.

Becoming a music maker at MECA, with Lowrey, is easy! No special skills or previous knowledge of music is required. You don’t even need to own a keyboard! All you need is a desire to play!

Contact us today for the most up to date class times and start dates. We can’t wait to have you join us!

Rental keyboards are available.

Bil Curry’s Farewell Concert On The Lowrey Organ

Bil Curry, long-time friend of MECA, Lowrey concert artist and famous “maker” of those sweet Lowrey sounds, played a farewell concert at MECA on Friday, June 15th, as he prepares to move to Texas and retire from Lowrey after 25+ years. We thank him and wish him well……you will be missed.

MECA At Kane County Senior Expo

MECA participated in the Senior Expo at Kane County Fair Grounds as part of it’s Fun After 50 new student recruitment drive. Don’t need to know how to play and don’t need an instrument to participate.

MECA Participates in Dury Lane Senior Expo

Even Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd could not resist taking a demo on the Lowrey EZP 7 as MECA participated in Dury Lane’s Senior  Expo on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 22 & 23rd 2017) – held at Dury Lane’s facility.  Free on the spot lessons and prizes, and MECA offered our 10-week “Fun After 50” lesson program to participants.  

MECA Participates in Dell Webb Senior Expo – Elgin, Illinois

MECA participated in Dell Webb’s Senior Business Expo on Saturday, April 22, 2017 – held at Dell Webb’s Edgewater community in Elgin. Free on the spot lessons, prizes, and give-aways. MECA offered our 10 week “Fun After 50” lesson program to participants.

MECA is an authorized Lowrey Dealer! We offer the full line of Lowrey home organs and EZ Play instruments.