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Students love our school

Our daughter has been taking ukulele lessons at LAM from Mr. Thomas for over 2.5 years. His enthusiasm as an instructor and knowledge/passion for music have meant exponential growth for our daughter as a musician. Beyond this, everything about LAM is absolutely amazing!!! Communication is thorough and prompt via Miss Karen and her entire staff […]

Christine R.

One of my favorite things about Mrs. Suedmeier is that she lets me be creative by changing notes, that are on my sheet music, to my liking. I enjoy recitals, because my teacher challenges me by assigning a piece that is one or two levels ahead. When she asks me to figure out how to […]

Cherish B.

Karen is an awesome piano teacher! My son and daughter have both taken piano lessons from her for the last few years. I’ve been especially pleased with how Karen has been able to work with my son, who has difficulty with change and is easily distracted. She has tried various approaches to get him motivated […]

Elaine B.

My music /voice instructor Grace is phenomenal! She has helped me achieve my goals before my time limits! Without Loveland Academy of Music I would not have had the confidence I exhibit today! I strongly suggest taking up classes with this establishment. They accommodate all age ranges and levels of knowledge/talent.


I think that Miss Karen is very, very nice and that she has lots and lots of experience with kids. She is a great piano player and the best teacher that a girl could ever have.

Anna L.

Molly has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Karen for the past two years. Molly has improved so much and is very excited for her lessons each week. Ms. Karen makes the lessons fun and exciting. Ms. Karen is very patient and is the best piano teacher ever!

Rachel W. and Molly W.

Justin has loved the time he has been with Karen. She has been clear, kind and most important to him, fun! He has always had a love of music and are so happy to see him learning from someone that loves to teach it.

Jon, Julie, and Justin H.

We are constantly impressed with our musical training at Loveland Academy of Music. Our girls are excited to attend classes and LOVE to see Karen. We enjoy listening to them practice at home. Not only do the girls enjoy being introduced to many different styles of music, but they are receiving great music theory training.

Brenna S.

In researching piano teachers, I have found Loveland Academy of Music to be the best as well as [my daughter’s] teacher Miss Karen. It is a truly wonderful environment full of fun, patience and a warm happy place to promote learning.

Jen M.

Both of our kids are loving going here and learning music in ways the schools are unable to teach. The owner has done wonders in building this business from working out of her home to a dedicated building in downtown Loveland. Thank you!

Craig B.

My teacher is very wise. He is very good at explaining things and has a lot of patience. He knows when something needs fixed. He is very good at giving confidence. I really enjoy playing and going to my lessons.

Kailee C.

We have only been taking lessons from Miss Karen for a few weeks. She has helped my girls ease back into piano so well and has really motivated them to practice again. My girls have a lot of fun during their lessons. Miss Karen is so encouraging and is open to helping the girls on […]

Eve G.

As a 40+ year-old, five months into beginning guitar lessons, Willie is a wonderful teacher. He’s super positive, friendly, and very supportive, and I look forward to my weekly lessons; they’re like a nice, creative break from the regular goings-on during the week. Judging by the smiles on the other students’ faces that I’ve seen, […]

Bret O.

Loveland Academy of Music is a relaxed place where anyone can learn music. They listen to the reasons you are there and want to help you achieve your goals. My daughter was frustrated trying to learn from another teacher. She hated piano (even though she knew she could love it, and loves music). It became […]

Stephanie G.

Our family would highly recommend Loveland Academy of Music. Our children love their lessons and never want to miss them. They look forward to seeing Miss Karen each week and sharing stories with her.

Nicole B.

I thought I had a good understanding of music. But I just always hit bumps and got frustrated with things that didn’t make sense, and without someone to really be there to help I lost interest a lot. I knew I need a base, and to learn things I couldn’t just figure out on my […]

Candace S.

I have been very pleased with Loveland Academy of Music and have recommended them to friends. I love the non strict/ non threatening environment and encouragement of individual creativeness. My son still loves piano and enjoys his teacher!

Raenie H.

We have been with LAM for about 4 months and it has exceeded our expectations! Karen is extremely professional, yet so connected and kind with the kids. The kids’ teachers are wonderful. Highly recommended–Thankful!

Janelle D.

My daughter Mckenna is so so happy with her voice lessons! Such a wonderful place to learn and grow musically. Jack is an awesome teacher. He really connects with her and she feels so comfortable expressing herself!! Thanks you so much Loveland Academy of Music!!

Melissa W.

As an adult taking on the new challenge of learning an instrument, particularly one as difficult as piano, is not a decision I made lightly. After shopping around a few places I was referred to the Loveland Academy of Music. I enjoy my lessons immensely and find my teacher to be a wonderful instructor. During […]

Kristin K.