Music Lessons in Loveland, CO

Loveland Academy of Music provides lessons to children and adults of all ages through private instruction. Music enriches our live through listening, learning and performing. Your interest is the key to your success! Let our teachers be your guide.

Lessons Offered

  • Piano


    The piano is both approachable for young beginners and richly complex for advanced players, and is perfect for learning to read music and building a strong musical foundation.

  • Guitar & Ukulele

    Guitar & Ukulele

    One of the foundational instruments of contemporary music, our guitar instructors teach across genres and will equip you to play for yourself or as part of a group.

  • Voice


    The vocal instrument is a complex living system and healthy technique is the key to lifelong enjoyment. Study musical theater, pop music, opera, or anything that interests you.

  • Violin & Viola

    Violin & Viola

    Whether you want to learn the classics or contemporary pieces, our instructors will help you master the technique needed to excel at these captivating instruments.

  • Drums


    The drum kit is an energetic instrument that cultivates precise rhythm and strong music fundamentals. Learn to create fun and complex beats while developing healthy technique.

  • Bass


    The low pitch of the bass guitar holds down the groove in almost all styles of music. Learn to play different styles and techniques.

Praise for Loveland Music Academy

  • Gone are the days of the mean ol’ piano teachers!!! Believe me, keeping my children interested in playing the piano is not an easy task, but Karen’s passion for the piano and teaching it is shown in every lesson. My 9-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son have been taking lessons from her for 4 years, and she still has the same ability to keep them interested in playing since the day she started teaching them. She’s young, talented, and has been able to teach both children everything from Classical to Modern Rock. Words cannot describe my appreciation for her, and the way she treats both of them. Every child should be this lucky to have such a great teacher.

    Tara B.
  • Loveland Academy of Music is one of the best teaching institutes in Loveland. The Academy is well managed and intentionally designed to grow each student with individual teaching methods. I am continually impressed with my children’s excitement about spending time with their teacher and love that my girls are excited about music. As a parent the communication I receive and the different programs that Karen offers are top notch and effective in making piano the one activity we won’t consider giving up! Our entire family gains value from our participation in Loveland Academy of Music.

    Brenna S.
  • Loveland Academy of Music has been amazing for my first-time music learners. The instructors create a FUN learning environment and always keep me in the loop of what my child is learning in each lesson. Staff members are always reaching out to see what they can do to improve and checking on how my children are doing. In the short 3 months of lessons, my children are beginning to learn to read music and can play short tunes. So glad we found this place!

    McKayla O.
  • I have always wanted to play an instrument but always have been afraid. I finally built up the courage to take the plunge and found the perfect fit with Loveland Academy of Music. Karen really helped me get over my fears and insecurities, and showed me that I was more than capable of learning to play even though I was getting a “later” start in life. She has inspired me to explore new music, challenge myself, and really nurtured my interests in her teaching. Learning to play has instilled a new self-confidence and fulfillment that I will value forever. Thank you for support and I look forward to growing my skills.

    Peter H.
  • I would recommend Loveland Academy of Music for anyone seeking a safe, fun, and effective environment to learn music. Our teacher is a well-equipped, patient, dynamic, and fun instructor. My girls love her and are excited to practice and learn!

    Danny S.
  • I wish we would have found LAM sooner. The instructors are phenomenal. My youngest daughter loves playing guitar but never wanted to play in front of anyone. Her instructor found a way to make her more comfortable showing off her musical talent. And my oldest daughter has found her passion for piano again. We drive 30 minutes to get to the Academy but it is worth every minute!

    Rachael C.
  • Loveland Academy of Music is an amazing school. Everyone on staff is beyond friendly, and the teachers are caring, patient and compassionate. Among all of the perks offered at the school, I greatly appreciate the option to have a Google Hangout lesson if I happen to double book our schedule or my daughter’s gymnastics schedule changes due to upcoming competitions. I can’t say enough about how awesome this school is.

    Megan M.
  • In just a short amount of time I have learned so much and grew as a singer!

    Blake F.
  • My special needs kid absolutely loves playing music. The Academy has really impressed me with lessons that both move him forward technically and also give him precious minutes to express himself freely at his level.

    Mike L.
  • I’m still fairly new with my musical journey, but I am so impressed with Loveland Academy of Music. I love all that they offer and all that is included with the lessons. The staff are all smiling and helpful. It’s obvious this is a happy place. I’ve recommended LAM to numerous family and friends!

    Cindy B.
  • My daughter was struggling with reading. I put her in music class playing piano. It improved her self esteem a great deal. We decided to put her in vocal lessons with Loveland Academy of Music and her reading level jumped from a 37 reading level to a 93 reading level. I was so excited to see this change in as little as 4 months. We are so happy with all that Loveland Academy of Music has done for my kids.

    Sabrina W.
  • The teachers and staff at LAM are amazing! We love how the teachers create an environment that is creative and fun for each individual. Our family is thriving musically because of LAM.

    Danielle H.
  • Our daughter has been taking lessons at Loveland Academy of Music for over a year and her excitement and growth have grown exponentially! She takes guitar and voice lessons and dreams of being a professional performer. The entire amazingly talented staff knows her and encouragingly challenges her.

    LAM is flexible, understanding, organized, diverse, and overall fantastic! They truly care about every single student.

    Karen built an exceptional school of music where our daughter thrives!

    Justin R.
  • LAM is amazing. They make you feel comfortable and welcome. It is like a big extended family. Their teachers have some amazing talent and it shows in the progress made by the students. I love you LAM!

    Kohli S.
  • Both of my children take voice lessons at Loveland Academy of Music and love it! They love to sing and are learning so much from their teachers. We also have one very outgoing child and one that is a little more introverted, and the teachers work wonderfully with both and have brought out the best in each child individually. Both of them love the Musical Ladder and being able to get a trophy as they progress in their skill area. The rates are completely affordable and you get so much more from the staff and Master Classes than you would anywhere else.If you are considering music lessons I would highly recommend checking Loveland Academy of Music out!

    I love how [our teacher] meets our daughter where she’s at musically and where her interests lay.

    Brenda O.
  • Moving to Loveland from Long Beach we were worried [our son] may not have the exposure to great music teachers. Boy were we wrong. Loveland Academy of Music provides great teachers for all types of instruments.

    Monique S.
  • Our children have been attending LAM for over 5 years and we couldn’t be happier. Both kids really enjoy their teachers and the opportunity to learn multiple instruments. LAM is committed to quality music education and encouraging the love of music. We would and have highly recommended the Academy to friends and family. We are so thankful for a wonderful music academy in Loveland!

    Nicole B.
  • We just love LAM! My daughter has been taking lessons for almost 3 years and she has really grown in her love of music and the guitar. She recently mentioned being glad that she stuck with lessons through the difficult times because now she’s starting to really be able to enjoy playing and learning new techniques!

    Sarah M
  • Love my and my daughter’s instructor, love the atmosphere, love being accepted as a family member. I love they both understand life, not judgmental, are inviting to play whenever we can fit it into our schedule. They work with what they have.

    Jenny K.
  • LAM is a great place for my kiddos to learn music and grow. They are learning their notes and playing piano and guitar – also singing a bit. Their teachers are so nice and always cheerful. My kids want to keep going every week and look forward to their lessons. Karen runs a great music business.

    TC C.
  • My daughter is playing guitar for the first time; she’s 9 years old and a lefty. Her teacher is very kind, and his love for music is fun and shows in every lesson. We are very happy, money and time well spent!!

    Terri J.
  • Loveland Academy of Music has done a wonderful job encouraging my family as they embark on this journey with music!

    Melody B.
  • Jordan is the perfect teacher for our son! He is patient with a wiggly little boy and passionate about drumming. He has inspired [my son] to learn music and have fun doing it.

    Barbara Anne E.
  • This school is not only a great place for kids to take lessons, but being an adult taking lessons here is equally awesome. The teachers are extremely helpful and really do a great job of figuring out just where you are at and what you need to work on, then explaining everything in a way that makes tons of sense! I am so glad to have found the Loveland Academy of Music and really appreciate the environment and the quality of the teaching!

    Kylee G
  • Our teacher] has passed his passion and love for music onto my daughter… I cannot believe I don’t have to “tell her” to practice. 🙂 She is always energized about what she has learned after a lesson. Mr. Thomas is organized and yet flexible with the students. He is willing to teach to how a child will respond well, especially if they are coming to their lesson after an already “long day.” He seems well-versed on what he is teaching. My daughter loves him! Our daughter has been playing ukulele for over a year with [our teacher]. We can’t imagine a better fit! We hope he can instruct her for many years to come. And Karen, we just can’t say enough…the communication with her is friendly, yet concise and keeps us on track with schedules, recitals, etc. LAM feels like an extended family and we are so thankful to all of you for being fantastic role models while sharing your love of music with our daughter.

    Christine R.
  • My daughter started a few months ago and it has been a huge positive in her life. She has had to miss some classes due to some unforeseen circumstances and everyone was so willing to help myself and my remaining children with anything and worked with us to make sure that when [my daughter] came back she was able to pick up right where she left off at. I can’t say enough of how much this has helped us!! A very wonderful group of teachers and staff to work with!!!

    Tammara T.
  • We are so pleased with the progress our daughter has made since joining Loveland Academy of Music earlier this year. Our daughter looks forward to her lesson each week and has formed a strong bond with Amanda and Karen. Karen is always willing to go the extra mile no matter what is asked of her. We are so thankful we found Loveland Academy of Music and couldn’t be happier!

    Jennifer A.
  • The Loveland Academy of Music offers high-quality lessons and instructors. Care is exercised to ensure learning is at a comfortable pace and remains enjoyable.

    Malisha A.
  • My teacher has helped me explore songwriting with my guitar lessons which helps keep me interested on my goal of learning to play guitar.

    Melody M
  • My daughter has always had a love for music. We are only a few lessons into her experience here and I can not say enough. My daughter is 6 years old and this has increased her love of music and provided an outlet for her creativity and direction for her interests. Miss Sam is wonderful! She has a way of challenging my child while still encouraging her. I can not wait to see where she is at in six month time, as she has come so far in just the first month.

    Jenny M
  • If I were asked to describe the Loveland Academy of Music in just one word, it would be an impossible feat! There are just too many words to describe how fantastic this place is. Awesome, wonderful, excellent and amazing are words that barely scratch the surface.

    ……My youngest son and I have been taking lessons here for going on four months now. He takes singing lessons, and I take singing and piano lessons. We both always look forward to Tuesday night at 6 p.m. when we get to take our lessons. Every time we walk in, we’re greeted with smiles and the staff is genuinely happy to see us. The owner also takes the time to say hi!

    …….My son is a special needs student and his teacher is absolutely fantastic with him. His singing teacher is also my singing teacher and her ability to cater her teachings to our individual needs is unparalleled. Not to mention, the class is downright fun. My piano lesson immediately follows the singing lesson, and my teacher is amazing. I took piano when I was a kid (I wish I never would’ve quit), and my instructor is able to bring out a lot of what I learned when I was younger. She’s amazing.

    …..For all you kids out there taking music lessons, please don’t stop. I promise, you’ll regret it. I’m a 39 year old man. So, if you’re an adult like me and think it’s too late to take on an instrument or learn to sing; I urge you to kick that negativity to the curb and come sign up at the Loveland Academy of Music. I promise, you won’t regret it. Their staff is amazing with both kids and adults!

    Edward B.
  • As an adult taking on the new challenge of learning an instrument, particularly one as difficult as piano, is not a decision I made lightly. After shopping around a few places I was referred to the Loveland Academy of Music. I enjoy my lessons immensely and find my teacher to be a wonderful instructor. During my lessons with her I have found her to be patient, flexible, and considerate of my needs as an adult learner. She has gone out of her way to find music I can enjoy playing at my level and she allows me to work at my own pace. The rates are reasonable, the lessons are of excellent quality, and it is evident that my teacher loves the work that she does and is extremely dedicated to her students. I would recommend the Loveland Academy of Music to anyone interested in piano.

    Kristin K.
  • My daughter Mckenna is so so happy with her voice lessons! Such a wonderful place to learn and grow musically. Jack is an awesome teacher. He really connects with her and she feels so comfortable expressing herself!! Thanks you so much Loveland Academy of Music!!

    Melissa W.
  • We have been with LAM for about 4 months and it has exceeded our expectations! Karen is extremely professional, yet so connected and kind with the kids. The kids’ teachers are wonderful. Highly recommended–Thankful!

    Janelle D.
  • I have been very pleased with Loveland Academy of Music and have recommended them to friends. I love the non strict/ non threatening environment and encouragement of individual creativeness. My son still loves piano and enjoys his teacher!

    Raenie H.
  • I thought I had a good understanding of music. But I just always hit bumps and got frustrated with things that didn’t make sense, and without someone to really be there to help I lost interest a lot. I knew I need a base, and to learn things I couldn’t just figure out on my own. I’ve come to learn many things from LAM, things that seemed so out of reach when I first picked up a guitar. Now I’m able to go above and beyond that now, even being able to teach and hold my own against other musicians. It’s a good feeling to have a deeper connection to your instrument, be it your guitar, voice or piano. Knowledge has been passed down through the years from person to person, and that is what private lessons are: the passing down of knowledge to the next generation to pass on.

    Candace S.
  • Our family would highly recommend Loveland Academy of Music. Our children love their lessons and never want to miss them. They look forward to seeing Miss Karen each week and sharing stories with her.

    Nicole B.
  • Loveland Academy of Music is a relaxed place where anyone can learn music. They listen to the reasons you are there and want to help you achieve your goals. My daughter was frustrated trying to learn from another teacher. She hated piano (even though she knew she could love it, and loves music). It became a chore that she felt she would never master. When we came to the Academy I was afraid that my daughter would not do well, that we would argue and it would continue to be a struggle. But I do not have to remind her to practice, she wants to play. She gets excited about her lesson and she loves Ms. Karen. They always come out of lessons smiling and laughing and with a positive outlook for next week. I am so glad we found them and music is once again a fun activity in our house.

    Stephanie G.
  • As a 40+ year-old, five months into beginning guitar lessons, Willie is a wonderful teacher. He’s super positive, friendly, and very supportive, and I look forward to my weekly lessons; they’re like a nice, creative break from the regular goings-on during the week. Judging by the smiles on the other students’ faces that I’ve seen, I can only guess the other teachers are equally wonderful. It’s never too late to start learning something new. Taking up guitar lessons has given me a relaxing outlet that I can enjoy doing every evening. And I sincerely thank the staff and Willie at Loveland Academy of Music for helping nurture that enjoyment.

    Bret O.
  • We have only been taking lessons from Miss Karen for a few weeks. She has helped my girls ease back into piano so well and has really motivated them to practice again. My girls have a lot of fun during their lessons. Miss Karen is so encouraging and is open to helping the girls on the areas that really excite them! The girls love the improv time during the lesson too.

    Eve G.
  • My teacher is very wise. He is very good at explaining things and has a lot of patience. He knows when something needs fixed. He is very good at giving confidence. I really enjoy playing and going to my lessons.

    Kailee C.
  • Both of our kids are loving going here and learning music in ways the schools are unable to teach. The owner has done wonders in building this business from working out of her home to a dedicated building in downtown Loveland. Thank you!

    Craig B.
  • In researching piano teachers, I have found Loveland Academy of Music to be the best as well as [my daughter’s] teacher Miss Karen. It is a truly wonderful environment full of fun, patience and a warm happy place to promote learning.

    Jen M.
  • We are constantly impressed with our musical training at Loveland Academy of Music. Our girls are excited to attend classes and LOVE to see Karen. We enjoy listening to them practice at home. Not only do the girls enjoy being introduced to many different styles of music, but they are receiving great music theory training.

    Brenna S.
  • Justin has loved the time he has been with Karen. She has been clear, kind and most important to him, fun! He has always had a love of music and are so happy to see him learning from someone that loves to teach it.

    Jon, Julie, and Justin H.
  • Molly has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Karen for the past two years. Molly has improved so much and is very excited for her lessons each week. Ms. Karen makes the lessons fun and exciting. Ms. Karen is very patient and is the best piano teacher ever!

    Rachel W. and Molly W.
  • I think that Miss Karen is very, very nice and that she has lots and lots of experience with kids. She is a great piano player and the best teacher that a girl could ever have.

    Anna L.
  • My music /voice instructor Grace is phenomenal! She has helped me achieve my goals before my time limits! Without Loveland Academy of Music I would not have had the confidence I exhibit today! I strongly suggest taking up classes with this establishment. They accommodate all age ranges and levels of knowledge/talent.

    RJ B.
  • Karen is an awesome piano teacher! My son and daughter have both taken piano lessons from her for the last few years. I’ve been especially pleased with how Karen has been able to work with my son, who has difficulty with change and is easily distracted. She has tried various approaches to get him motivated and learning in a way that suits his style. She never gives up and has persevered with him, yet is very gentle and caring. We have seen dramatic improvement the last few months and I know that the discipline involved with learning piano is helping him in school and other areas of this life. My son enjoys piano and looks forward to his lesson each week.

    Elaine B.
  • One of my favorite things about Mrs. Suedmeier is that she lets me be creative by changing notes, that are on my sheet music, to my liking. I enjoy recitals, because my teacher challenges me by assigning a piece that is one or two levels ahead. When she asks me to figure out how to play a song that I know, without using sheet music, she assists in the training of my ear. I am grateful for all of the ways that she has helped me to increase my skill!

    Cherish B.
  • Our daughter has been taking ukulele lessons at LAM from Mr. Thomas for over 2.5 years. His enthusiasm as an instructor and knowledge/passion for music have meant exponential growth for our daughter as a musician. Beyond this, everything about LAM is absolutely amazing!!! Communication is thorough and prompt via Miss Karen and her entire staff – we love you ALL – espec. Frances and Stephanie! All other instructors are just as encouraging and engaging with everyone that walks in the door – and it’s a TRUE enthusiasm – not fake. We are grateful to have such a fantastic music school just minutes from our home. Lesson pricing is fair, and with a sometimes busy/ overlapping schedule of our own, we especially love the “make up sessions” available each month – to use on an as needed basis if we experience a scheduling conflict. We have watched Karen (Director) grow this business, and hand-pick only the most talented musicians (to teach both children and adults) in the last several years and it’s obvious why she is the BEST in town. She truly cares, her staff cares… no hesitation to fully recommend Loveland Academy of Music. We hope to remain for years to come, possibly with new instruments.

    Christine R.
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