The Best Beginner Keyboards of 2016

The Best Beginner Keyboards of 2016
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…for piano lessons for beginners!

The first step in starting piano lessons for beginners is the piano! Parents often assume students need a professional upright piano or a baby grand. 90% percent of our piano students take weekly in-home lessons on a 61-key keyboard. A student can progress the just as wonderfully on a keyboard as they would on a professional piano.

Our tops picks include keyboard packages to keep the shopping list simple, affordable, and easy. Our options are all available on Amazon and are Prime eligible! See our list of the best keyboards for at home piano lessons for beginners!

CTK2400 PPK 61-Key Premium Portable Keyboard Package with Samson HP30 Headphones, Stand and Power Supply

  • Keyboard pack includes a pair of Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones, x-style stand, and power supply
  • New, intuitive sampling function with built-in microphone
  • 400 AHL keyboard voices
  • Voice percussion function (samples are integrated into the rhythm)
  • Improved sampling effects

Yamaha PSRE253 Portable Keyboard with Headphones, Power Supply, and X-Style Stand

  • Included Accessories: Samson HP30 Headphones, X-Style Keyboard Stand, and Power Supply
  • 61 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard playing technique
  • Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with their own ‘middle C’ for practicing with a partner
  • The Aux Line Input allows you to connect any music device with a headphone output, such as an MP3 player, a computer, a mixer or even another keyboard, and hear it through the internal speakers
  • The Portable Grand button and instantly resets the keyboard to the grand piano Voice

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand

  • 61 Keys
  • Keyboard size: Piano type standard size with key lighting system
  • Touch Response: 2 sensitivity levels, Off
  • Sound Source: AHL
  • Maximum Polyphony: 48 notes

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand

  • Black x-style frame for great stability and height adjustment
  • Cushioned seat for lasting comfort
  • Supports up to 250 pounds

We help families pick the perfect keyboards for the children on a daily basis. Keyboards are just as efficient for piano lessons for beginners. If you would like more information regarding picking the right instrument for your child or starting weekly in home piano lessons for beginners, contact us by calling 281-401-9580 or by filling out our contact form on the right to get started!

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