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Learn Something New This Summer, or Keep the Progress Going!

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Sandy Beaches, Ice Cream & Summer Music Lessons!

Summer is the perfect time to start music lessons if you haven’t already and a great time to hone those skills if you have. Without the barrier of school and with many sports and activities no longer in season, summer is the best time to learn and practice an instrument.

With more time, students can also try multiple instruments if they wish. There’s never been a better time for music lessons than summer.

Below, take a look at some important advantages of taking music lessons over summer.

Advantages of Summer Music Lessons


01 More schedule flexibility

With school out, it becomes much easier to fit music lessons into your weekly schedule. Many teachers will also have more availability due to some of their current student base taking a break for the summer.

02 More time to practice

Not having homework and projects to turn in leaves extra time on the table for practicing and enjoyment of playing an instrument. Also, if a student didn’t have much time to practice the prior semester, summer is a great time to catch up.

03 No backsliding

Every year we have a certain amount of families who take a complete break from music lessons over the summer. It makes us sad because many parents don’t fully understand the progress and momentum their child is losing from taking almost a 3 month break.

04 Additional lessons

Summer is a great time to double up on lessons and take advantage of that extra time. Without having school and other activities in the way, a student can direct more attention to learning music.

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Convenient, progress driven, & custom-tailored music programs for every student

Music lessons don’t have to get in the way of your summer vacations. All it takes is one lesson a week to keep you or your child progressing. Even if you will be out of town for a week or longer, fitting in lessons where you can is a much better option than having no lessons at all. Putting lessons on hold for summer will typically cause a student to backslide and lose progress already gained.

If you know you will be out for a certain period, our teachers can usually offer the option to double up and have an extra lesson when you are back in town. The last thing we want is for a student to lose progress as well as complete interest in their instrument come Fall. Many times, something as small as taking a break for summer leads to missing a great opportunity to have a skill the student would cherish and share for a lifetime. As serious as that sounds, it’s a reality we see every year.

Convenient, progress driven, & custom-tailored music programs for every student

  • Fun, custom tailored lessons based on the student’s interests
  • Convenient: We do the driving, giving you more time for what matters most
  • Locally based company in your community
  • Almost a decade of experience teaching children of all ages
  • Performance opportunities
  • No registration fees for lessons: EVER

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