How young is too young?

How young is too young?
kid learning to play music

A simple guide to how young a student can begin specific instruments.

Our Instructors teach musical instruments of all kinds. We offer classical teaching styles along with applied, contemporary based lessons. With these teaching methods, specific instruments call for higher age requirements. Some reasons are due to the need for more developed fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention span. Staring a student too young can deter interest and can cause severe frustration. Below are the instruments we offer and the minimum age requirement. (There is no maximum age limit!) Discovering which instrument is easiest for kids to play can also be helpful when making a decision on lessons.

  • Guitar Lessons (+6 yrs. old)
    • Students will need to be able to have their hand wrap around their guitar’s neck, having their thumb and finger tips touch. This ensures the student will be able to hold their guitar comfortably while pressing their fret board to play notes.
  • Bass Lessons (+7 yrs. old )
    • Electric bass strings are very thick. Because of the string thickness, students will need higher finger and hand strength to press each string to the fret board to create notes and chords.
  • Voice Lessons (+4 yrs. old)
    • Vocal coaching is great way to start students in music lessons who are passionate about singing. Students can learn essential methods and techniques that focus on pitch, diction, quality, and so much more at an young age.
  • Piano/Keyboard Lessons (+4 yrs. old)
    • Piano lessons are a wonderful option for young students wanting to begin music lessons! Students are able to begin at an early age because playing the piano consists of pressing down keys easily with minimal strength. This makes learning songs a fun and exciting experience!
  • Viola Lessons (+5 yrs. old)
    • Viola lessons come in four sizes. 1/4 (quarter size), 1/2 (half size), 3/4 (three quarter size), and 4/4 (full size). The size is based on the student’s arm length and any qualified string instrument provider will be able to measure your child quickly and accurately on site. They will also ensure that size is comfortable for the student. Viola strings are thicker and longer than violin strings but no where as harsh as other instruments such as the electric bass or cello.
  • Cello Lessons (+7 yrs. old)
    • Students beginning cello lessons will need to ensure they are properly sized for their instrument. Cellos also come in four sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes.). When measured, the cello size is based on the student’s arm length and ability to sit with the cello sitting comfortably against their shoulder at the correct height and between the students knees. Cello strings are much thicker than viola strings, also requiring the student to have more hand and finger strength to press strings to the ebony finger board.

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