Us vs. Independent Music Teachers

piano teacher and the piano student learning musical notes at home in Woodlands, TX

Large Music Studio Benefits

Individual attention in your home

With Lessons On The Go®, you get the benefits of a music lesson studio without the headache of traveling there. We offer year-round recitals and performance opportunities for all our students. This helps boost student’s confidence and allows students to meet and see other individuals do what they do. Many independent music teachers, unfortunately, cannot offer this on their own.

Consistent, Quality Instruction Every Time

Unfortunately, we hear stories way too often of how a student’s music teacher left them high and dry or their teacher stopped showing up consistently and putting effort into lessons. With Lessons On The Go®, we constantly monitor the consistency and quality of our teachers through our proprietary online platform as well as checking in with families. The teacher you are getting has also been highly vetted before they ever show up to your doorstep. We guarantee you are getting a high quality, consistent music lesson experience every time or your money back. That’s something an independent music teacher cannot offer.

Switch Teachers If Needed

Individual attention in your home

With us, you have the benefit of being able to switch teachers if you want to try a different style or a different method along the way. Unfortunately, if an independent music teacher stops teaching or moves away, you are stuck on your own trying to find a teacher who will be a good fit all over again. We do everything we can to keep our amazing staff for the long term. If, however, your teacher resigns at any point, we already have your detailed information and will have an idea of the best possible replacement based on the student’s current ability level and interests. We’ve got your back!

Join a Community

Meet other students and parents at various performance opportunities throughout the year. Become part of a community and support each other along the way. Learn what other students are doing to become successful and progress in their craft. Many times, that sense of community and support is not possible with an independent teacher.