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piano teacher and the student learning musical notes at home in Woodlands, TX

Policies and Procedures


Please take some time to read through our policies so you are familiar with them.



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If you are happy with your lessons with us, please tell your friends about our programs. A lot of our business comes from word of mouth and your referrals!

Parents and students, we wish you all well. Keep communication strong with us and let us know your interests and requests. Thank you for joining our musical community!

All the Best,

Chelsea Kyle,

General Manager


We love it when our students attend their lessons prepared with the following:

  • Music Binder and Music
  • Water
  • Instrument

We appreciate when our students:

  • Practice and attend lessons regularly
  • Reflect and share their musical experiences with their teachers
  • Are positive and open-minded about new ideas and experiences


We believe in giving our students the best possible experience and education, and we cannot do this unless we are made aware of any physical, medical, mental, or behavioral conditions that a student may possess. When the teacher is aware of such conditions, they can instruct in a sensitive and informed way that will be more beneficial to the student. Additionally, our students’ safety is a top priority, and if we are not made aware of the symptoms and effects of students’ conditions, we cannot uphold the safety of the studio. We are not experts, but we do have expert references to assist and guide us.

Your information will only be shared between you, our General Manager and the private lesson instructor. Please contact our General Manager immediately if there is anything we should know about the student.


There is no charge before the initial lesson to ensure you are completely satisfied before committing to a payment. We will be following up with you after the initial lesson to make sure your teacher is a good fit and to gain some feedback. If, however, you indicate the teacher is not a good fit, the initial lesson is free of charge and you are welcome to try a different teacher depending on availability.

If we are unable to reach you within 7 days after the above-stated lesson is taught, the credit card on file will be charged at the single lesson rate for the duration taught to pay the teacher for his, her, or their time. This also applies if you indicate that the teacher is a good fit, but no payment has been collected during the 7-day period after the initial lesson has been taught. By scheduling your initial lesson with Lessons On The Go, you agree to this policy.


Lessons are charged automatically in bundles of four in advance. Once the last credit in your package is used, your next lesson package will be billed automatically and you will be emailed a receipt.

Lesson Package Pricing:

  • 4-pack of 30 minute lessons – $160
  • 4-pack of 45 minute lessons – $235
  • 4-pack of 60 minute lessons – $310

Duplicate Billing: Only one party will be billed per student. Duplicate bills and split payments are the responsibility of the registering guardian.


Any student, new or established, can withdraw from the program at any time. If you need to discontinue, please contact your instructor as well as the office. All future lessons will be taken off the schedule and any remaining lesson credits will be available on your account for future use, or you may transfer those credits to a family member or friend.


Lessons on the Go observes standard music teacher waiting policies. If a student is 10 minutes late, the teacher is automatically dismissed and the lesson will be ineligible for a makeup. Students who are running late should call their teacher to notify them.


Please contact your teacher directly with any lesson cancellations.You are free to change your lesson time as your schedule may change. This will be between you and your teacher. However, if a lesson is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the lesson credit will be counted as completed. This policy also applies to no-showing the teacher at the scheduled lesson time.

HEALTH NOTE: If a student is believed to have a contagious illness OR does not have the ability to sing or play their instrument due to illness, please cancel your lesson. If a student attends a lesson contagiously ill, the teacher may choose not to stay for the lesson. In such a case no credit will be issued for the missed lesson.


We are committed to teaching weekly lessons to all registered students at their regularly scheduled times. In the case of a cancellation by the teacher because of illness or an unforeseen conflict, the teacher will either work with you to make that lesson up, or that lesson credit will carry over to the next lesson.


Lessons on the Go does not have any regularly scheduled closures. Please be sure you are communicating with your instructor about whether you will have lessons during holiday weeks, etc


The Lessons on the Go staff have a reputation for reliability and punctuality. Still, being in transit can vary the starting lesson time by a couple minutes. If the student is running late, please be sure to contact the teacher. Teachers will be dismissed from a lesson if the student is more than 10 minutes late without any communication.