Our Music Teachers

Our Music Teachers

It’s an opportunity to share something amazing and be a part of the journey with another individual.

Teaching music lessons is much more than a job for our music teachers. It’s a way of life.

Through the hard work, the struggles, and all those “a-hah!” moments, our music teachers live for this.

Our music teachers teach more than just how to play an instrument. They help students construct a foundation on which greater skills can be built upon that will last a lifetime. With Lessons On The Go®, you’re getting more than just a “standard” music teacher you might find at a local studio. That is why we have a very strict and thorough recruitment process.

How Do We Choose A Music Teacher?

Every teacher has passed a 7-point recruitment process:

Convenient, progress driven, & custom-tailored music programs for every student

Criminal background check

Social media check

Reference & character checks

Work history audit

Must have extensive experience working with children

Thorough demonstration of musical knowledge & application

Detailed teacher orientation and onboarding

Our 7-point recruitment process ensures only the best music teachers will arrive at your doorstep or screen.

Want to teach music lessons and set your own schedule?

Recruitment Built to Last

We consider the student/teacher bond sacred. This is why all Lessons On The Go® music teachers agree to a one year commitment with our company before they ever teach their first music lesson with us. We believe a revolving door of teachers in and out of a student’s life is detrimental in the learning and growth process. Once of our core values is to EARN the trust of those we work with. We do this by ensuring that our music teachers come to work for us with the mindset of a long-term commitment.

The LOTG Music Teacher Difference

Lessons On The Go® music teachers are extremely dynamic and consistent. By teaching music lessons on a consistent basis, customizing each lesson to the student’s interests, and working closely with parents keeping them informed and up to date, our students progress much faster. Our music teachers are individuals we would be proud to bring home to our own family.

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