Music For Toddlers


Babies Can Play Piano Too!

One little known fact is that toddlers are NOT too young to begin learning an instrument!  In fact, I started playing when I was just two and a half years old!

Because I started at such a young age, I encourage and urge parents to start their children young as well.  Over the years I have noticed a few tips and tricks that help children to engage and find a love for the piano.

Finger Numbers

One of the simplest and best things you as a parent can do to prep your child for the piano is teach them their finger numbers!  Have them hold up their hands facing out with thumbs in the middle. 

From the thumbs simply number their fingers going out towards five (reference image above).  It’s as simple as that! And did you know that us musicians use our finger numbers for a lifetime?  Yes, even Beethoven had to refer to the correct finger positioning for his beautiful concertos!


In the video above I created a tutorial on how to teach your child a simple song on the piano that will teach them rhythms and patterns.  Music is all about patterns and repetition.  If you can help your little one to recognize colors (for example black versus white) and simple patterns (for example the 2 black key group vs the 3 black key group) then you are setting them up for success!  Don’t have a piano? No problem!

Use something around the house…maybe marbles or toys or legos…and place them in a pattern similar to the piano.

Create sections of groups with only 2 marbles contrasting with groups of only 3 marbles.  When children are able to recognize simple patterns such as these, they will be able to apply them to the piano with no problem!

Introduction to Music

It’s no secret that classical music is good for the brain; both for adults and children.  So why not give them a foundation for musical success by playing classical music in the background when you can?

Maybe it’s while they are sleeping or perhaps while you prepare a meal for them?  Whatever the case, consistently listening to classical music will subconsciously help your child to hear rhythm and musical patterns.

I can attest to the truth in this because my mother used to play classical music for me every night as I slept.  To this day it calms me and provides a sense of peace.  If you don’t know where to start, follow this link for a list of kid-friendly classical composers and recommended action movement to make it fun!

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