Piano Music That Kids Can Play


Inspire Your Toddler Today!

No teacher? No piano? No problem!

With this simple song, you can inspire your toddler to love music with a piano toy!  Simply show them how to make a fist with their hand, find the 3 black key groups, and follow the steps in the video above to teach them a simple song that they will carry with them forever.  It’s a song that has been passed down through the ages and never gets old.  In fact, my own grandmother taught it to me when I was just three years old!  Anyone can learn it!

Prep Your Child For Piano Lessons

Here are some basic steps YOU can take as a parent to best prepare your child for music lessons:

1. Right and Left

Teach your child the simplest of lessons in how to determine their right versus their left hands.  I usually tell my students to make a shape of an “L” with both hands.  The hand that shows the correct “L” is the left hand.  L for Left hand!

2. Musical Alphabet:

In music we have what’s called the “Musical Alphabet.”  It is the letters A-G and then it repeats over and over.  If you can teach your child the alphabet up to G and help them understand that it repeats after that, they will certainly have a leading start in their music education!

3. Counting

Another basic skillset that is essential in music is counting.  Help them to count to ten and recognize patterns.  Music is all numbers!  So being familiar with numbers will greatly improve their practicing and playing.

Musical Crafts!

What better way to connect kids to music then with crafts!  Get those creative juices flowing with some of these simple a great ideas inspired by music!

Silent Keyboard

No piano necessary!  If you don’t have a piano at home, you can make one!  This will help you to teach the simple ideas above if you are currently without a piano.

Piano Bracelet

Love to make loom bracelets?  Here’s a cute pattern that will resemble a piano!

Piano Chalkboard

Play hopscotch with this fun piano themed chalk game!

Music Sensory

Simple sensory bin that is based around the theme of music.  This is a great way to introduce music to your little

Start your musical journey today