Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Piano Right & Wrongs To get your child started playing piano the RIGHT way, follow these basic rules and guidelines.  Believe it or not there is a certain etiquette that goes along with learning the piano.  If you instill these manners in every lesson, you will surely be on the right path to musical success! […]

Inspire Your Toddler Today! No teacher? No piano? No problem! With this simple song, you can inspire your toddler to love music with a piano toy!  Simply show them how to make a fist with their hand, find the 3 black key groups, and follow the steps in the video above to teach them a […]

Babies Can Play Piano Too! One little known fact is that toddlers are NOT too young to begin learning an instrument!  In fact, I started playing when I was just two and a half years old! Because I started at such a young age, I encourage and urge parents to start their children young as […]