About Kidz Create Music

Learning an instrument can be fun but at times frustrating to learn. The Kidz Create Music tutors provide an encouraging and wholesome environment where young musicians can develop and increase their musical knowledge. Whether you are wanting your three year old to start or you yourself want to rekindle your musical talent, we aim to encourage a variety of ages!

guitar teacher teaching the kid play the guitar at home in LA

Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.

Each lesson plan is created by your instructor and catered to your child’s specific needs. Private tutoring in the home not only gives you the convenience of time but also gives your child the advantage of success! We aim to make our influence of music fun and exciting to help kids find a connection and love for music!

We encourage our students to think outside of the box and find songs they like. Frequently our tutors will help them to find an easy version of their favorite Disney or pop artist song, or even new classical piece they have just discovered! This maintains their focus and teaches them the pride they can feel in accomplishing a new musical goal.

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