Privacy Policy


Thank you for choosing Kentlands School of Music, we are excited to have you or your child as a student. Our policies are listed on this document, please keep a copy for your records. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, our team is always happy to help!


Tuition payments are made on the first of the month via autopay. Our lessons are based on the calendar month, so the tuition will remain the same regardless of if there are four or five weeks in the month.

  • ●  One-Time Registration: $75 per student (covers all recitals and administrative costs)
  • ●  Private Lessons: $225 per month (30 minutes once a week)
  • ●  Young Beginner Private Lessons: $118 per month (15 minutes once a week)
  • ●  Group Classes: $155 per month (50 minutes once a week)
  • ●  Ensembles: $250 per quarter (60 minutes once a week) Make Up lessons If a student is unable to attend a session, we are happy to offer a make up lesson, as long as we are granted a 24-hour notice for private lesson students and a 5-hour notice for group class students. Please notify school staff, not your teacher, of your absence via Phone (301-456-0856) or email (

Make up lessons are available to be rescheduled for up to three months after the missed lesson. They must be taken in a month where the student has paid a regular tuition, and may not be taken in lieu of regularly scheduled lessons. Make ups are not offered for ensembles.

If your teacher has to miss a lesson or class, we will arrange for a qualified substitute to take over said lesson or class. If we are unable to find a substitute, a make up lesson will be offered. If we have a substitute available, we will not be able to offer a make up lesson without a 24-hour notice.


In the event of inclement weather, we will email all students if we are closed. Feel free to call if you are concerned. If MCPS closes schools, make up lessons will be offered.

Kentlands School of Music will be closed for the following holidays and will remain open all other days of the year:

Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day New Year’s Day Easter Sunday

Memorial Day Independence Day (July 4th)

Labor Day

Discontinuation of Lessons or Classes

If you make the decision to put a pause on lessons, we require notice by the 15th of the previous month so we can remove you from our system and fill the open time slot.

Kentlands School of Music reserves the right to update its official policies at any time.