Tips for Memorizing Song Lyrics

Tips for Memorizing Song Lyrics

As a singer, you know that the best performance is one in which you have your piece committed to memory and can truly sing from the heart. But you also know that learning, much less remembering, all the lyrics of a song isn’t always that easy — especially when the words make you sing a mile a minute or the lyrics are in a different language. When it comes to memorizing a song, here are a few ways you can get it down pat.

Tips for Memorizing Song Lyrics

Listen to It Constantly

When you decide you want to memorize a song, the first thing you’ll have to do it listen to it repeatedly. This doesn’t mean you have to intently listen to it each time. Simply hearing will help your brain pick up the words with you even realizing it.

Pick Up the Beat and Rhythm

Knowing where certain inflections in the song are can help you learn where certain sections of the lyrics speed up, slow down, drag out, and so on.

Start Learning the Actual Lyrics

After you’ve listened to the song enough, really start learning the lyrics. Listen carefully to the lyrics, taking note of where each section of music begins. You’ll be able to more easily match the lyrics if you know the timing of the words.

Sing Along

After listening to the words a few times, start trying to sing along with the song. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get every word perfectly the first time. Try to go verse by verse.

Write the Lyrics Down

When you think you’ve got the lyrics pretty well in your head, try singing the song to yourself and writing down the lyrics as you go. Take notice of where you have missing words or sections, and go listen to those parts of the song more carefully.

Sing a Karaoke Version

Once you know the lyrics even better, try to find a karaoke version of the song on YouTube and sing along to it. Keep going until you can perform the whole song perfectly!

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