Tips for Beginner Pianists

Tips for Beginner Pianists

When you start learning an instrument, it’s a good idea to get into habits that help you progress even more. For beginner pianists, trying out some of these tips will help you see improvements in no time.

Take Breaks

If you are constantly practicing, playing piano will start to feel like a chore, and you could end up starting to dislike playing at all. Set times each day that you’ll practice, and enjoy other activities outside of that time.

Play What You Like

When you first start out, you may be instructed to practice certain pieces of music that don’t necessarily excite you. Those pieces are great at helping you learn the basics, but you should also ask your piano instructor for pieces from music genres you like. The balance will help you enjoy playing even more.

Know Your Theory

Proper knowledge of theory can greatly enhance your musical ability of beginner pianists. A few tricks to remember the basics include:

  • Bass Lines: Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always
  • Bass Spaces: All Cows Eat Grass
  • Treble Lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
  • Treble Spaces: F A C E

Practice Your Scales

It may seem tedious, but knowing your scales is fundamental to playing piano. Each time you practice, set aside at least 10 minutes to solely practice your scales.

Take Your Time

You’re not going to be a pro right away. It’s better to take your time and learn the music properly, rather than rush to get a piece done without really knowing what you’re playing.

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