Things Only Piano Players Know to Be True

Things Only Piano Players Know to Be True

When you play an instrument, there are certain pains and joys that only you know compared to everyone else in the world. When it comes to playing the piano,  the same applies. Whether they be good or bad, these are a few things only piano players know to be true.

Going out of tune is a nightmare.

When a guitar goes out of tune, the player can just twist a knob, and everything is sunshine and daisies again.  When your piano goes out of tune, it requires a specialist and several hours of your day to get things back to normal.

Turning pages is hit-or-miss.

There needs to be a machine that is invented that makes turning piano pages much easier than it currently is — because as of now, page turning really messes up your vibe.

People always ask you to play their favorite songs.

“No, Ashley, I can’t automatically play that new song you heard on the radio three days ago.” People assume that you can play any song just because it has a piano part in it.

You have a few piano party tricks up your sleeve.

Even if you get annoyed when people ask you to play random songs, you’re always willing to please the room with “A Thousand Miles” when you’re at parties.

You get personally offended when someone snubs pianists.

You’ll get a bit upset when someone says playing piano is easy. But heaven forbid someone insults Chopin — they’re going down.

When your fingers won’t listen to you, the struggle is real.

Your brain knows exactly what keys you need to hit, but sometimes your fingers just won’t cooperate, and it’s infuriating.

Playing with cold fingers is a literal nightmare.

It can be hard enough to get your fingers to connect to your brain normally, but when they’re numb from cold weather, it’s all but impossible.


Did we hit the nail on the head? Are there things we missed? Let us know!

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