Songwriting Tips for Memorable Music

Songwriting Tips for Memorable Music

Let’s be honest — songwriting isn’t easy. There are dozens of genres and feelings you can incorporate into a song, not to mention hundreds of techniques you can use when writing melodies, lyrics, harmonies, and more. If you’re struggling to compose a song, there’s good news — good, honest songwriting usually happens without a plan. That being said, here are some songwriting tips for memorable music to help get you started.

Songwriting Tips for Memorable Music

Don’t Wait for Inspiration

Forget the idea that good songs come from taking long walks and jotting love lyrics down on a napkin. Songwriting is hard work and it takes sitting down and focusing on the chord progressions, melodies, and lyrics to get the job done.

Sing It Out

As a songwriter, you need to get comfortable with hearing your own singing voice — how else are you supposed to know if what you’re writing sounds good? If you’re just starting out, begin by humming the melody to see if it works with the words. It’s also handy to record yourself when doing this.

Leave the Expectations Out

Don’t go in thinking every song you write is going to be a hit or that you’ll sit down and be able to write a song in 30 minutes flat. When you focus so much on unrealistic ideas or expectations, you lose the artistry that comes along with songwriting.

Review Your Music Theory

You’ll have an easier time writing melodies and harmonies when you have the theoretical background in your mind. Knowing how to build chords and key signatures can give you a big leg up in your songwriting ability.

Keep a Free-Writing Journal

Carry around a journal with you to jot down lyrics that pop into your head during the day. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation — just write.

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