Songwriting Saturdays – Summer Class

Songwriting & Music Production for Beginners!

Every Saturday from 7/13 – 8/17
4:00pm – 5:00pm

Get ready for an incredible 6-week journey into the world of songwriting and music production! In this innovative class, students ages 10+ will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, learn new skills, and bring their musical visions to life. Each student will craft their own song (instrumental or lyrical), and produce their own recording using a digital audio workstation. This class is perfect for beginners eager to step into the world of music creation and production.

What You’ll Learn

  • Songwriting Essentials: Dive into the fundamentals of songwriting, exploring melody, chord progressions, lyrics, and basic song structures.
  • Music Production: Learn the ropes of music production on a digital audio workstation, using the user-friendly platform, or GarageBand. Experiment with virtual instruments, loops, and effects to craft your own unique sound.
  • Recording Techniques: Gain hands-on experience with recording, understanding how to capture the best vocal and instrumental performances.
  • Mixing and Mastering: Learn the basics of mixing and mastering your tracks to achieve a polished, professional sound.
  • Final Project: Culminate your learning experience by creating and producing your own original song, ready to share with the world.
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Songwriting / Music Theory Lessons At Grace Music School

Meet the Instructor

Nico Van Patten Course Facilitator Nico Van Patten graduated from Purchase College’s Conservatory of Music, with a Bachelor of Music in Studio Composition. His expertise lies in pop songwriting and composing for video games, and he shares his music under the artist name XNVY.

Nico is known for crafting electroacoustic compositions that blend layers of synthesizers with organic instruments and reverberated vocal harmonies.

He has been teaching voice, music production, songwriting, and piano for 1.5 years, and is dedicated to enhancing his students’ skills while also deepening their knowledge of music theory, vocal techniques, and anatomy.

Nico Van Patten - Voice Teacher