Reasons Why You Should Play the Guitar

Reasons Why You Should Play the Guitar

Planning to pick up an instrument for the first time? We know – choosing the right one can be tough! With so many different instruments out there, we understand that making the decision to pursue one over the other can be challenging, which is why today, we’re here to make things a little easier for you.

If you (or perhaps your child) are feeling drawn to the guitar, we think that’s a great choice! Below, take a look at the some of the benefits playing the guitar offers.

  1. It can help eliminate stress. People take up all sorts of hobbies and activities to try and eliminate some stress, and for all of the music lovers out there, playing the guitar can help with just that! Truth is playing any instrument can help with stress, but we think there’s nothing like rocking out on the guitar when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed!
  2. It can boost your brain power. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the guitar – how to tune the strings, how to play chords, how to read music, etc – and focusing your mind on things like this helps to keep your brain stimulated and ultimately, it keeps you sharp.
  3. It can reduce pain. Studies suggest that if you listen to music (in this case, the music that you make yourself by playing the guitar) you’re better able to take your mind off any pain you’re feeling, essentially reducing it. That’s just one example of how physically healing music can be in general!

Perhaps most importantly, playing the guitar is fun – be honest, haven’t you ever wanted to be the lead guitarist in an awesome rock band? Whether you want to pursue the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, we think it’s an awesome choice, and the team here at Grace Music School would love to be a part of your learning experience!

If you live in Syosset, Huntington, Melville, Fort Salonga or Northport and are interested in the guitar for yourself, a friend or a child, we offer some of the best guitar lessons in town – music lessons are offered for children and adults in a variety of genres, such as jazz, classical and pop.

For more information about our guitar lessons, please give us a call at either our Fort Salonga or Melville location:

Fort Salonga: (631) 239-6169

Melville: (631) 470-9705

We look forward to rocking out with you soon!

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