How to Practice the Drums Quietly

How to Practice the Drums Quietly

When it comes to instruments that are easier to practice, the drums aren’t typically at the top of the list. Besides the fact that a set of drums can take up a decent amount of space and aren’t always around, practicing the drums tends to make a lot of noise. But since you have to practice to get better, here’s how to make things a bit easier and practice the drums quietly.

Get a Practice Pad

Practice pads are available at most music stores and can help you practice without waking the neighbors. Even though you don’t play on actual drums when you use the pad, you can still practice your fundamentals and stick techniques and improve your muscle memory.

Use Sound-Off Pads

These are rubber pads that are placed on top of your drums and cymbals, muffle the sound, and make them easier to practice on. You can get them at most music stores as individual pads or in pairs.

Use Brushes

Compared to regular drumsticks, brushes produce softer sounds without sacrificing stick height. You can also play the same way you would with regular sticks in terms of how you strike the drum.

Use Thinner, Lighter Sticks

If you use thinner sticks, you won’t have to use as much force when striking the drum, and you’ll end up producing softer sounds.

Use More Control

If you don’t want to get new equipment, hone your stick control skills and learn how to hit the drum using different techniques to produce a softer or louder sound.


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