Why You Should Pick Up a Second Instrument

Why You Should Pick Up a Second Instrument

Two is better than one, right? It is when you play more than one instrument! Besides adding to the fun of simply playing music, there are plenty of reasons why you should pick up a second instrument.

It’ll Be Easier

Since you have developed skills from playing one instrument, you will have an easier time learning a second one. You’ll already know how to count and read music and keep time, so doing so with another instrument will be a breeze. It’ll be even simpler if you decide to pick up a second instrument in the same family.

You’ll Have Different Style Options

Some days you may want to relax with some classical violin pieces, while other you may want to rock out on the drums and get the party going. When you pick up a second instrument, you have the option to do both!

You’ll Have More Writing Options

If you fancy yourself a composer, playing more than one instrument allows you to create different and fuller pieces. When you only play the guitar, you could write a pretty nice acoustic piece. But if you play the guitar, drums, and bass, you could write a song for an entire band.

You’ll Have More Job Opportunities

If you plan to pursue music as a career, you’ll naturally open yourself up to more job opportunities if you play more than one instrument. Your ability to play multiple instruments will make you more attractive to ensembles since you’d be able to fill in for other musicians if need be.

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