The Physical Benefits of Singing

The Physical Benefits of Singing

When you sing, why are you doing it? Because you want to perform? Because you like the way you feel when you sing? Because you just like the sound of your own voice? Well, what if you did it for the physical benefits?

The Physical Benefits of Singing

Lower Blood Pressure

Several studies have shown that, since it promotes relaxation and calms anxiety, singing can lower your blood pressure. This is an especially good effect for those with a family history of high blood pressure or those with stressful jobs.

Toned Facial Muscles

When you sing, you are controlling and working your facial muscles. This acts as a kind of workout for them and helps your face look more toned and, at times, younger.

Better Lung Capacity

Through vocal training and proper singing technique, you learn to improve your breathing. This helps improve your lung capacity as you become able to hold notes for longer periods of time due to an increased intake of air.

Improved Posture

In order to breathe and sustain notes properly, you need to hold a better posture. Doing so while singing strengthens your back muscles and improves your overall posture.

Helps Parkinson’s Disease

Studies have been done that show singing can help improve the health of patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Through singing, patients can better control their vocal and swallowing abilities, and, in some cases, singing helps them regain better balance.

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