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A music program designed and taught by a team of nurturing educators

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Why Music Lessons at Grace Music School?

Grace Music School strives to provide exceptional customer service while meeting each of our students’ unique needs. We understand the demands music lessons can place on both you and your child, including time and increased responsibility.

Our program offerings are designed to meet each of our students’ needs. Whether it’s captivating the imagination of your school-aged child or being a productive and safe outlet for teens to express themselves and mature through music, we are excited to help each of our students thrive.

We welcome beginners and seasoned musicians, as our programs are designed to challenge and enrich all students who enters our doors. Below you can find brief descriptions of the programs we offer. If you do not see a program that meets your needs, let us know and we will work with you to find a way to do so.

Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are what we do best! Grace Music School brings together a community of dedicated and experienced teachers to offer personalized lessons that are both fun and challenging. Whether you or your child are interested in studying music for the first time, or you are an experienced musician looking to improve your skills, our dedicated team is here to help you reach your full potential!
We offer lessons for the following instruments and as well as vocal instruction.

Emerging Artist Series

Emerging Artist Series

We love to support local talent! Grace Music School regularly invites local emerging artists and/or students from our school to sharpen their performance skills in front of an audience. There is no cost to use the school’s recital space for a concert.

Music Seminars

Music Seminars

At Grace Music School, we offer various seminars at no cost to our students to enhance their overall music education and encourage and support their growth as musicians. Two such seminars include Music Technology, where students are exposed to the latest music-related apps and online technology; and having a guest lecturer come to the school to present music-related topics of interest.

Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation

Parents are important partners in their child’s musical success. Grace Music School periodically hosts “Parent Orientation Sessions” for parents of new and existing students to discuss topics such as:

How to get your child to practice
“Music lessons…it’s not just about the music”
Fun music applications to keep your child engaged and learning
The importance of performing
Q & A Session

Music Fun Time

Music Fun Time

Music Fun Time is an innovative and proven early childhood curriculum, which includes music classes for kids 18 months to 7 years old.
Music Fun Time is not a simple play group where children sing, dance, jump and play instruments. This research-backed program is helps children aged 7 and under learn to read music notation and symbols and play instruments while fostering their ability to grasp math and science concepts along the way.

Additional Music Lesson Programs

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Glee Club

The Grace Music School Glee Club is a fun way to sing some of your favorite music in a group setting. We perform at various events throughout the Suffolk County, including the Northport Family Night, East Northport Fair, Fort Salonga Association Holiday Party, and at our recitals. We are always actively exploring other opportunities!


Make music and make friends! At Grace Music School, kids can join other students with the same abilities and interests in a performance-based group.
From classical to jazz to pop, we offer various genres to help students find their favorite style of musical expression. These include:
Classical Chamber Music

Home School Families

Music is an essential discipline that benefits people of every age. Many homeschool families work with Grace Music School to offer music lessons as part of their child’s curriculum. As a full-service studio, we tailor our lessons and times to work within homeschoolers’ schedules.


As a music school committed to musical excellence, we prioritize providing multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. Most of these performances are held at the school, while others are held at the Steinway Gallery. In addition, our advanced students have an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.
We do not charge admission fees for these recitals. We’re also always looking for additional performance opportunities for our students.

NYSSMA Preparation

Grace Music School is a sponsoring member of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), the state’s preeminent professional force in music education. We helps prepare students for NYSSMA evaluations through private instruction as well as offering free Master Classes and NYSSMA recitals.
This will help students to prepare and perform their best, whether they are participating in NYSSMA for the first time or have performed Level 6 pieces for many years.

Music Movie Night

It’s time for popcorn and a movie at Grace Music School! Keeping in line with our commitment to FUN, we routinely host “music movie nights” to showcase great orchestral works, concertos, and solo performances on our 70″ LED TV and surround sound system.
We believe it is important for everyone to be exposed to all types of music to develop an appreciation, respect and admiration for these great achievements of human creativity. This fun and educational tradition is designed to cultivate a lifelong appreciation of the great works of Classical Music and inspire young and old alike.
There is NO CHARGE to attend. You bring the smiles, we bring the snacks!