Music Lessons: Should You Go to Them or They Come to You?

Music Lessons: Should You Go to Them or They Come to You?

When it comes to taking proper music lessons, there are usually two routes you can take: your teacher comes to your home or you go to your teacher at a music school. A lot of people debate the pros and cons of each type of music lesson, but ultimately, it comes down to one question — should you go to them or they come to you?

Why In-Home Music Lessons Don’t Work

There are a lot of distractions.

Between other siblings running around, pets coming to say hello, and other hustle and bustle going on around the house, there is no shortage of distractions to interrupt your child’s music lesson. If your child can’t properly focus on their music lesson, you’ll be wasting your money and time.

When your child takes music lessons at an actual school, he or she studies in individual, private rooms free of distractions so he or she can focus on his or her music.

You won’t have the right acoustics.

Music studios are built with proper acoustics in mind, but your living room usually isn’t. Without practicing in the proper acoustics, or at least knowing how the instrument sounds in them, your child won’t truly be able to improve his or her musical ability.

At Grace, each music room is built with the right acoustics in mind to allow your child to know exactly how his or her instrument should sound.

Your home doesn’t have enough equipment.

In reality, you probably have just your child’s instrument at your home — and if it’s a larger instrument, such as the drums, there is probably a large portion of your basement sectioned off to store them. And if some part your child’s instrument should break, he or she simply won’t be able to play it.

Music schools keep spare instruments around, so if something should happen to your child’s, his or her lesson doesn’t have to end. Plus, not having to have a designated music area in your basement leaves you with more room for family activities.

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