How to Prepare for a Holiday Concert

How to Prepare for a Holiday Concert

When you’re a musician, the holidays mean one thing — holiday concerts. Even if you spend months preparing for it, performing in a holiday concert can be a little stressful. (People take their holiday songs very seriously.) Whether this is your first or fifth time at the rodeo, here are a few tips to prepare for a holiday concert.

Attend every practice possible.

The only way you’ll be able to play your best in your ensemble is if you practice as much as possible with the group. While practicing on your own is definitely important, you’ll only be able to know you’ve nailed your part once you’ve heard it played with other people.

Inspect your instrument a week before the concert.

By doing this, you’ll be able to spot any repairs or tuning your instrument may need way before your holiday concert. If you wait until the day of the concert, you may be forced to tune your instrument or repair it last-minute, giving yourself unneeded stress.

Get ready to look your best.

If you’re thinking about how your hair looks messy or your shirt is wrinkled, you can easily distract yourself from what you’re playing. Take a little extra time to get a haircut, press your concert clothes, and do whatever else you need to feel your best going out on stage.

Give yourself plenty of time to get there.

If it normally takes you 15 minutes to get to the performance space, leave 25 minutes early to give yourself extra time. This way, if you end up hitting traffic, you have that extra time as leeway and you don’t feel rushed.

Have fun!

Even if you’re nervous, remember that holiday concerts are supposed to be fun, so take a breath, relax, and enjoy yourself.

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