How to Care for Your Instrument

How to Care for Your Instrument

One of the biggest responsibilities of any musicians is taking good care of your instrument. But if you’re new to playing, you may not know exactly how to do so. No matter what instrument you have, we have some tips on how to keep it in tip-top shape. Here’s how you should care for your instrument.

General Instrument Care

Keep it in the case.

If you’re not playing it, your instrument should be in its the case so it doesn’t get damaged.

Store it in climate-controlled areas.

Extreme heat or cold can warp the materials your instrument is made of, so rather than keeping it in your basement or garage, keep it in your bedroom or living room so it’s in a good-temperature area.

Have it professionally repaired.

If your instrument is damaged, it’s best to take it to a professional repair shop. Otherwise, you run the risk of making the damage worse.

Caring for String Instruments

  • Always put your instrument down string side up, even when it’s in the case.
  • Use the proper polish to clean it — never household cleaners.
  • Replace your strings every 12 months. (Ask an experienced player to help you do so the first time.)
  • Don’t touch the strings on your bow with your hands, as you can make it oily.

Caring for Wind Instruments

  • Always dry your instrument after playing it by wiping a dry cloth through it. This gets rid of excess and potentially-damaging moisture.
  • Store the reed in a separate case — never on the mouthpiece.
  • Oil your keys every 12 months using manufacturer’s key oil.
  • Clean your mouthpieces with warm, soapy water before storing them.

Caring for Brass Instruments

  • Have your instrument professionally cleaned yearly to prevent corrosion.
  • Move all the pieces on your instrument every few weeks so they don’t stick together.
  • Oil your trumpet valves and trombone slides regularly.
  • Never try to fix dents yourself — take your instrument to a professional.


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