Holiday Foods Singers Should Avoid Before a Show

Holiday Foods Singers Should Avoid Before a Show

The holiday season brings plenty of joy and merriment, but it also brings something even the Scrooges of the season love — food. Everyone has their favorite holiday treats they enjoy every chance they get, but if you’re a performing singer, you might need to hold your horses. There are some holiday foods singers should avoid before a show.

Egg Nog

While this is typically considered a holiday season staple, it’s one of the worst things to drink before performing. For starters, it’s dairy, which every singer knows is something that should be avoided before performing. It’s also very sugary and can cause you to become phlegmy before you sing.


Singers should avoid any holiday food that is made with processed sugar including cookies, cakes, candies, and more. The main reason for this is the potential effect of a sugar rush. If you get a sugar high and then experience a “crash,” you could lose a ton of energy during your performers.

Hot Chocolate

This one is a triple-threat — just not in a good way. Chocolate contains a lot of sugar, which can cause a rush, caffeine, which can dry out your vocal chords, and, of course, chocolate, which can trigger acid reflux.

Fried Treats

Whether it be a turkey, dessert, or otherwise, singers should avoid eating any fried holiday food before a show. Not only can the oil from fried food cling to your vocal chords and make it hard to sing, but it can also cause indigestion. No one wants to experience that on stage!

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