Your Guide to Being a Better Piano Player

Your Guide to Being a Better Piano Player

Regardless of whether you’ve been playing the piano for years or are preparing for your first lesson, as a musician, there is always room for improvement – are you on a quest to enhancing your piano skills?

If piano is your instrument of choice and you’re looking to excel even further, we have a few tips for you that can help you succeed – keep reading to learn what they are.

How to Become a Better Piano Player

  1. Commit to practicing everyday. Remember – practice makes perfect. Although you spend time learning and practicing during your lesson, that time alone isn’t enough – you must also practice on your own time too! Aim for about an hour each day, but if your schedule is rather busy, a half hour would also do.
  2. Listen to piano pieces by ear. It’s always helpful to listen to the pieces you are practicing or about to learn before you sit down to play it yourself. Why? Because it gives you insight into the melody, the pace, and also allows you to learn more about the emotion that is meant to be felt – being familiar with all of this will come in handy when it’s time for your fingers to start working their magic on the keys.
  3. Pay attention to mistakes. Mistakes are never a bad thing – they’re a normal part of the learning experience. When you do make a mistake, try not to get frustrated quickly, but rather take a moment to understand why the mistake was made and what can be done differently next time. Ignoring mistakes and moving on immediately can cause you to miss out on valuable learning opportunities.
  4. Count out loud as you play. The time signature is very important in a piece of music, and as you’re just starting out with a new song, you may find it helpful to count the notes out loud as you play. By doing so, you’ll be able to better judge how fast or how slow a note should be played, and it will give you an overall better understanding of the piece and how it should sound.
  5. Practice in front of family and friends. Part of being a great piano player is being able to concentrate on the notes and the piece you’re playing, so practicing in front of family and friends is a great way to learn how to avoid distractions. Additionally, it can help you become more confident in your abilities, which will naturally be reflected in your performances moving forward.

In addition to all of the above, a surefire way to become a better piano player is to work with a skilled instructor! Here at Grace Music School, most of our teachers are graduates from top conservatories or music schools, and we are primarily staffed with teachers that have extensive performance experience.

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