FAQs About Music Education & Grace Music School

FAQs About Music Education & Grace Music School

Thinking about having your child embark on the journey that is music, but aren’t really sure how to begin or where to go? The expertly dedicated staff at Grace Music School is here to answer all of the common questions you might ask when starting out your child’s musical education.

Why Should My Child Begin Studying Music at an Early Age?
Learning music early in life helps children develop good social skills and build confidence. It also helps create a neural connection in their brains that cultivates good memory and creativity.

Why Study at Grace Music School Instead of with a Private Teacher at Home?
In-home study allows for a multitude of distractions like cell phones, Facebook, and sibling or pet interruptions. GMS creates a focused environment that gives children exposure to a variety of highly-qualified faculty and students with varying skill levels. We can also schedule multiple family members at the same time to make lessons more convenient.

How Does Grace Choose Their Teachers?
Most of our teachers graduated from top conservatories or music schools and have considerable performance experience since our school is performance-based. After a lengthy interview process, we only hire teachers who are extremely proficient with their instrument and are nurturing with their students.Grace Music School FAQ's

Can Adults Take Lessons Too?
Of course! Our adult program is structured to help adults start any instrument and emphasizes music for recreation with opportunity to perform or learn in a group setting. We also offer lessons on evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.

Wow! How Do I Start?
Our flexible programs are tailored to meet each individual student’s needs. We operate year round so you are able to start anytime you’d like. Upon calling our office, we’ll walk you through the enrollment process and even schedule a trial lesson if you would like us to.

If you’re located in the Fort Salonga or Melville area, let us make things easy for you – choose Grace Music School! We offer private instruction in piano, voice, guitar, string, woodwind, brass and drums, as well as group lessons, ensembles and early childhood music development classes. To start your musical journey, call us at 631-239-6169 (Fort Salonga) or at 631-470-9705 (Melville).

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