Begin Your Journey as a Musician


There is a particular section of symphony orchestras that has the ability to both stimulate and lull the audience, and this is known as the woodwind section. Instruments in the woodwind section produce a variety of pitches, with each instrument producing a unique sound. If you’re interested in learning more about this section, here we’ll […]

Learning your first instrument can be an extremely rewarding and pleasantly memorable experience. As musicians, it’s often the instruments we start off with that we continue to love the most throughout our lives. At some point though, we realize that there are other sounds, techniques, and musical experiences that can only be explored by branching out […]

The brass family of instruments has always been in a class of its own. For hundreds of years, people have admired them for their brightness, their warmth, and the ringing clarity of their sounds. That same admiration that has given brass instruments a home in all varieties of music genres from big band symphonies to […]