Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Singers with allergies often find it difficult to sing with a scratchy throat or stuffy nose, particularly during spring when it arrives with allergy season. If you have practice or performance to prepare for, allergy symptoms could be a major inconvenience and frustration. They can affect everything from breathing and tone to vocal cord strength. […]

Classical music isn’t typically people’s first choice of genre when singing, as they’re more likely to belt out a pop music hit or classics from musical theater. However, classical vocal training can come with several key benefits that are vital for people who want to learn to sing professionally. Through classical vocal training, students can build a […]

It’s something you’ve probably heard time and again, that a person’s singing voice is a gift they’ve inherited from birth. Is that really the case? Or is there something more to a good singing voice than natural talent? People have spent years debating whether someone is born a singer or if it’s something anyone can […]

One of the most important things for new singers to determine is which voice part they are. This is true for those who sing in ensembles as well as those who sing solo. Because human voices are so variable, we naturally possess a certain range we’re most comfortable producing. Knowing which range one’s voice is […]

As with any physical activity, stretching is extremely important for singers before belting out a tune. Having a warmup routine to stretch the vocal cords is always a good idea for both health reasons and for improving one’s singing skills. While every singer’s warmup is unique, there are a few key elements to a warmup […]

Break a leg! People wish you luck in their own unique ways, but it’s more than luck when you have a vocal audition. You have to choose the right song to showcase your sound while giving those in charge of casting a song they haven’t already heard a dozen times. The songs you choose are […]