Begin Your Journey as a Musician


The art of playing piano, navigating 88 keys simultaneously with two hands, is a challenge for all ages but has enormous benefits. Just consider the findings of these three key studies. Playing piano Raises IQ. It’s directly linked to higher academic achievement Pianists experience higher self-esteem. It’s not surprising that many parents feel cultivating their children’s […]

Regardless of whether you’ve been playing the piano for years or are preparing for your first lesson, as a musician, there is always room for improvement – are you on a quest to enhancing your piano skills? If piano is your instrument of choice and you’re looking to excel even further, we have a few […]

Music does more than just provide entertainment – early exposure to music can also help children build confidence, develop strong social skills, and it helps make neural connections in the brain to foster creativity and develop memory! That said, it seems obvious that introducing children to music while they’re young is a smart decision, but that […]