Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Thinking about having your child embark on the journey that is music, but aren’t really sure how to begin or where to go? The expertly dedicated staff at Grace Music School is here to answer all of the common questions you might ask when starting out your child’s musical education. Why Should My Child Begin […]

It’s no secret that the earlier you begin to learn a new skill, the easier you’ll pick it up – and learning an instrument is definitely a skill that anyone can benefit from having. But with the variety of musical options you have to choose from, how are you supposed to decide which to have […]

Whether it be for you, a spouse/partner, a child, another relative or a friend, choosing a music school is like choosing a doctor, a new car, and even a new house – you must do your research! After all, you’ll be investing both your time and money into the school that you select, so you […]

Here at Grace Music School, our mission is to provide exceptional music education to students of all ages, cultivate a life-long love of music in a nurturing environment, and help our students realize their potential as musicians and in other critical areas of life! Our musical instruction offerings include private instruction in piano, voice, guitar, […]