Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Practice is critical to being a musician. While it’s important to spend plenty of time taking music lessons and performing, practice will truly help you improve your skills and ensure you’re playing at your best. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re getting the most from your practice sessions to progress effectively. Otherwise, you’ll […]

Music lessons entail much more than merely playing musical notes and scales. As with anything else, the more a person prepares and practices, the better they’ll get over time. When preparing for music lessons for the first time, there are some steps that students can take to ensure their lesson goes smoothly. Getting off to […]

After spending time practicing, taking music lessons, networking, and looking for the ideal opportunities, you may have successfully landed a singing audition. Congratulations on this achievement! However, excitement about this opportunity is often met with anxiety about how to prepare for it. Auditions actually entail considerably more than merely singing a song. There are many […]

While school might be out for the summer, children should still keep busy and continue their education. Along with family BBQs, sunny beach days, and other exciting activities that take advantage of the summer weather and increased free time, children can spend more time learning to play an instrument. There are several reasons why children […]

There is a particular section of symphony orchestras that has the ability to both stimulate and lull the audience, and this is known as the woodwind section. Instruments in the woodwind section produce a variety of pitches, with each instrument producing a unique sound. If you’re interested in learning more about this section, here we’ll […]

Both the violin and the cello are among the most well-known string instruments, and many people are interested in playing them over others in the string family. However, the right instrument for you will depend on a number of factors. Knowing the differences between these two popular instruments can help you determine which to learn […]