Broadway Powerhouse Songs

Broadway Powerhouse Songs

There isn’t a singer on this Earth who doesn’t love belting out some Broadway tunes every once in awhile. And with so many amazing songs to choose from, it’s no surprise that you’d have a hard time deciding on a song. That’s why we’ve picked out a few of our favorite Broadway powerhouse songs to make things easier for you.

Broadway Powerhouse Songs

For the Ladies:


This “Hamilton” showstopper is one of the most iconic songs currently playing on the Broadway stage. Talk about a power ballad!

“Me and the Sky”

From the new Broadway musical “Come from Away,” this song tells the true story of Captain Beverly Bass’ journey to become the first female American pilot captain in history.


“Almost Real”

Sung by the amazing Kelli O’Hara in the musical “The Bridges of Madison County”, this song is guaranteed to give your audience chills.

“I’m Here”

The revival of “The Color Purple” was one of the best gifts Broadway was given because we got this song and this performance.

For the Gents:

“It All Fades Away”

 As if “Bridges” wasn’t amazing enough for having one Broadway powerhouse song — it’s even better because it has two! If this song doesn’t give you chills, we don’t know what will.

“Sante Fe Reprise” 

This “Newsies” number is one of those numbers that overwhelms you with emotions, so give it your all when you belt it out. Just make sure to take a big breath for that last note.


Whether you saw the movie or the musical, you were sure to love this standout song from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Bring Him Home”

 If you know theater at all, you know “Les Miserable” and you know this song.


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