Are There Only “Born” Singers or Can I Learn to Sing?

Are There Only  “Born” Singers or Can I Learn to Sing?

You hear all the time that people are born with such amazing voices, that they come out of the womb singing — but is that really the case? People have spent years debating whether someone is born a singer or if he or she can learn to sing. Well, in short, it’s a bit of both!

Why does singing ability feel like it’s god-given?

There is one big reason for this — singing is invisible. When people learn to play an instrument, you can physically see their fingers pressing piano keys and their arms stretch a bow across a cello. Singing is an internal skill, so it often seems like a person can magically hit certain notes and sounds wonderful without any effort.

You can’t be born a singer?

Not necessarily. Pitch and rhythm develop at an early age, so if you’re exposed to music early on, especially when you’re still in the womb, you may have a better singing ability than someone who was not exposed to such things. Plus,  biologically, there is the chance your larynx develops differently than someone else’s, allowing you to be a more talented singer, sooner.

So I can definitely learn to sing?

Yes! While pitch and rhythm do develop early, there is no age limit when it comes to improving them. Singing is all about the coordination of your vocal cords, breathing, and mouth movement. The same way you can build muscles through doing exercises in a gym, you can build coordination that allows you to become a better singer.

How do I learn to sing?

In a word — practice! All you need is the right teacher who will work with you to improve your breathing, pitch, tongue placement, jaw release, and palate control. Once you find that teacher, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best version of your singing-self.

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