Private Lesson Success

Private Lesson Success

Professional Nurturing Music Teachers
Our music teachers have collegiate training in their specialized field. Our teachers have training and experience to help you in piano lessonssinging lessonsguitar lessonsukulele lessonsviolin lessons and drum lessons. Our Glee teachers have high standards for practicing and technique, and we make sure that each Glee lesson is positive and encouraging.

Music Teacher Background Check
We do extensive FBI background checks and finger-printing on all Glee music teachers, which means you can rest easy knowing we have a safe, encouraging learning environment. Every Glee music classroom at our music studio has a window and a parent bench so you can watch the entire private lesson without disturbing the learning.

Music Teacher Guarantee
We have private music teachers specializing in their field of music. Learn more about piano lessonsPiano Premiervoice lessons, guitar lessonsviolin lessonsukulele lessons, or drum lessons.

Worried that your student might not click with the teacher? We are so sure that you will love your private lesson, that we’ll give you your money back if your first lesson isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register with no worries. If your teacher isn’t everything you hoped for, just let us know in writing the same day as your first lesson.

Achievement Programs for All Levels

Music Recitals
We have frequent music recitals in a beautiful music studio that is free for family and friends to attend. See your music students sing, play the pianoguitar, drumsukulele or violin. Some families may think recitals aren’t that important, but we find that students do better with a deadline and performance training. What is the point of learning an instrument if you can’t look confident when you perform?

Certificate of Merit
Certificate of Merit is a national music testing program available only to teachers that belong to the Music Teacher Association (MTAC). MTAC calls it a balanced curriculum of music study. This is a great way to pad your college resume, but you can’t do it last minute. That is the very reason it is so highly respected! Level 1-10 requires you to play multiple pieces for a judge and pass a written theory test. Piano Premier is the best way to prepare for piano Certificate of Merit and a longer lesson is the best way to prepare for Certificate of Merit for voice.

Piano Premier
Piano Premier is the most complete piano-intensive program in all of Orange County. In this program your student will have a monthly performance class in addition to a weekly piano theory lesson, piano computer testing, and a lesson with the piano teacher for artistic and technique direction.

Certificate of Excellence
We believe that tracking music practice encourages regular consistent practicing, which is the key to music development and progress. We give gold stars for five days, silver stars for four days, and bronze stars for 3 days. Then at the end of the month, the student can see their progress and feel confident in their new skills.

Royal Conservatory Testing
Royal Conservatory is an internationally recognized music testing program available to any Glee teacher. In order to participate in Royal Conservatory you pay about $80-$100 in learning materials and about $100 for the actual test. In order to prepare you will need a 45-60 minute weekly lesson. Testing is four times a year and you just choose a date once you are ready for the music test.

Glee Practice Sheet
We have a special music practice sheet that tells your student exactly what to practice every practice day. We ask that each student have a three-ring notebook

Music Practice at Home

Piano Students need an upright or grand piano to practice on a real piano with the right touch and feel of playing. If you want to start out with a keyboard for a few months, here’s some tips on how to buy your first piano keyboard.  If you are ready for a real piano, contact Living Pianos and they can get you set up with a beautiful used piano. Just tell them you heard about them through Glee!

Singing students need a music stand that is stable and does not fold. A sturdy music stand allows for easy height adjustments to encourage great posture. At Glee we love technology, phones, iPads and computers but we find that students that have a CD player practice more consistently. When technology fails the CD player almost always works. They also need a music textbook of songs that includes a CD piano accompaniment or online audio.

String students need a sturdy music stand, rosin, a shoulder rest (for violin and viola), and a chair that fits their body size and makes it easy to hold and play their instrument. If your instrument is a school-issued instrument and stays at school it means that you won’t be able to practice and progress in your instrument, so every student needs an instrument of their own. If you are just starting you will want to buy or rent your violin, viola or cello. String instruments come in various sizes, ranging from those designed for toddlers to those for adolescents and adults. If a child starts playing a string instrument in kindergarten and plays until the end of elementary school, he or she can easily go through four or five sizes. If you are renting or buying an instrument for a child under the age of 11, consult a size chart to find the right size.

Ukulele students need a sturdy music stand and a chair that fits their body size.  When purchasing a ukulele be sure that it is a legitimate instrument and not a toy.  The great news is a great instrument is usually under $100.  Come check out our ukuleles in the Glee store.

Guitar Students need a sturdy music stand and a chair that makes it easy to hold and play. You can buy a guitar from us or you can use the guitar you have at home as long as it is in good shape. You will also need an electronic tuner so your guitar is tuned and ready to go when you are practicing.

Drum Students need a sturdy music stand for your songbook and an acoustic drum set. If you are hesitant to buy you can rent a percussion kit from us while they are learning to read music. For best results you will want an acoustic drum set or snare to get the feel of playing real drums. Talk to us at Glee in the office and we can get you set up.

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