Glee Loyalty Payment Plan

Discounted pricing for the smart parents!

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Let’s Compare Loyalty

Emergency Make-ups112
Vacation Lesson Credit1 week2 week4 week
Tuition Discount$5 OFF every month$15 OFF every month$25 OFF every month
Annual Priority SchedulingYesYesYes
Lifetime Price GuaranteeYesYesYes

Emergency Make-ups are for those days when your child wakes up sick or you look like you will be stuck at work late. Instead of the normal 24-48 hours notice to qualify for a make-up we ask that you give us 6-12 hours. It is that simple. Email us or call us and leave us message 24/7.

Vacation Lesson Credits allow you and your family to schedule trips out of the country or a just a  trip to  Disneyland during the week of your normal lessons. Just be sure to tell us by the 15th of the  previous month so we can block it on the calendar and schedule lessons accordingly.  Glee does not teach SVUSD Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and one week in the summer. All calculations for lessons are based on weekly lessons when Glee is open for lessons.

Tuition Discount allows you to earn a loyalty discount just be telling us how long you will be staying for lessons.

Annual Priority Scheduling helps families adjust their schedule to their busy life. Once  a year we reach out to students asking them what days to avoid and what are the  conflicts in their life.

Lifetime Price Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that your price will never increase as long as you stay continuously in our loyalty plan.

How Do I Sign Up?

Steps 1 – 3

Sign Studio Policies

You can sign with your finger or mouse

Sign Loyalty Agreement

Be sure to sign one agreement per lesson type and per child.

Add Photo to Opus1

We would love for Glee to know you better. Please include a pix of you + the student.

Steps 4 – 5

$49 Deposit: Ask Office

Only for new loyalty families. If you are an existing loyalty family we will roll it over so there is no need to pay again. This deposit comes as a credit on your last month of loyalty unless you renew. Then it rolls over.

Add ACH Data Only no $$

Click the picture of the check! ACH is like a digital check, but we only use if you break the contract. This is required for all loyalty. Most parents, credit or debit is the most popular primary payment method. (949) 309-4640