Performance Class

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What is it?

Many students get really nervous to perform in front of other people. To help them feel more comfortable, we have monthly performance classes where students are invited to perform in front of their peers. This is in place of their regular weekly lessons. In a students-only environment, students feel more at ease performing for a smaller group. Having a performance on a monthly basis also gives the student a consistent goal to enhance motivation for regular practicing.

We also have time to play theory games that give students the opportunity to teach and learn from each other. This changes this solitary activity into a more social activity. We find this social element motivates students to stay in lessons longer. In addition, we have time to focus on extra topics like composition, songwriting, learning to play by ear, music history, and more!

ADULT STUDENTS (18+ years old)
Adult students will NOT be participating in performance class. Instead, you will have a regular lesson with their teacher. Since your teachers teach only 1-2 days next week, your lesson time may have changed.

performance class at glee music academy

When are the performance classes?

Performance Class is the 3rd week of every month with the exception of December (Christmas) and June-August (Summer). This year, here are the weeks that Performance Class would fall on:

– September 18-23
– October 16-21
– November 13-18
– December: No Performance Class
– January 15-20
– February 12-17
– March 18-23
– April 15-20
– May 13-18
– June: No Performance Class
– July: No Performance Class
– August: No Performance Class

Miss Mai

“I enjoy the mindset that performance class creates for the students here. Like a small masterclass, everyone gets a shot of exposing their current repertoire. Students get to brings their ‘work in progress’ to an encouraging environment where we all participate in comments about each others performances. The class is also balanced out with a section of music history and getting to know the basics of some of the known composers and performers.”

MAI- Piano Teacher

Mr. Andrew

“Performance class is where students can show what they’ve been studying with the least amount of pressure on stage. The feedback from the teacher and friends will give them a proper direction for their future study. In addition to practicing performing, students learn about a composer each month, which they usually don’t have time to do during their regular lesson.”

ANDREW - Piano Teacher

Mr. Juan

“Performance Class provides the students with an amazing opportunity to experience what it is to perform in a comfortable and encouraging environment. It is one of my favorite classes to teach. When we learn about all the different musicians from history it also helps the students gain very useful knowledge on the composers who wrote the music we all listen and play today, as well as performers who we look up to as performers ourselves.”

JUAN- Piano Teacher

Miss Kjärstin

“Performance Class has been a transforming experience for my students. They look forward to it and even miss it during the summer. I’ve done it with children and teens and it has been a positive performance opportunity for all. I also love that we get to study the great composers every month. Learning the history of piano music contributes to a well-rounded experience for all students studying all types of music.”

miss kjarstin

Miss Isabel

“Performance class will be good for my students because it strives to get them used to having an audience. The goal of my class will be to focus on how to perform, music history, and the anatomy of the piano. We’ll also touch on how the human body is used to perform!”

ISABEL- Piano Teacher

What If I Don’t Want to?

The absolute best way to learn is with a mix of one-on-one time and monthly group learning opportunities. That is why Performance Class is studio wide for all piano students! However, depending on your personal preferences and/or schedules, we understand that some people may opt out. If you prefer to have a regular private lesson that week, it is just $30 extra for 30 minutes. Keep in mind that your teacher is teaching on only one day of Performance Class week, so if you choose to do a private lesson instead, you would need to do it on your teacher’s one day of teaching or with another teacher. Adult students will not attend performance class, but have regular one on one lessons. Adults, please look out for the monthly Performance Class email for slight changes in schedule.

“My daughter Anabel was so lucky to start with Glee Music Academy. She is teaching her how to use her voice without harming it. My daughter has been taking vocal lessons for two years with another teacher and she hasn’t had any major results like she had in a few months. Thank you Glee Music Academy!”

— Opion G.

“The thing I like most about Glee is the positive atmosphere. I have older children in dance and sometimes the atmosphere is so competitive between the kids. It is so nice to be involved in a program that teaches and promotes the kids to support one another. Huge thumbs up from our family!”

— Rhonda R.

“GOOD NEWS! I was accepted to both Musical Theatre and Acting conservatories at OCSA! I want to thank you for all of your help, support, kindness and time. I truly couldn’t have done it without all your hard work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

— Jillian H.

“The teacher could tell my teen was creative and wrote songs so her assignment this week was to write a song on her ukulele. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

— Staci

“I can’t thank you enough for your help with my granddaughter’s audition. It’s just what she needed, and she came back full of enthusiasm and confidence. You went above and beyond. She couldn’t have had a better professional coach.”

— Shirley D.

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