Choir Loyalty Payment Plan

Discounted pricing for the smart parent.

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Choir Loyalty Discounts

Tuition Discount$10 OFF every month, that is a $120 yearly savings$15 OFF every month, that is a $180 yearly savings!
Lifetime Price GuaranteeYesYes

Tuition Discount allows you to earn a loyalty discount just be telling us how long you using your choir membership.

Lifetime Price Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that your price will never increase as long as you stay continuously in our choir loyalty plan.

How Do I Sign Up?

Steps 1 – 3

Sign Choir Policies

Make sure you signed the studio policies on the Glee Portal.

Read Carefully & Sign

Be sure to sign one loyalty agreement per choir per child if they are in different choirs.

Upload Picture Here

We’d love for our team to get to know you better. Please upload your picture and your student’s picture to the Glee Portal

Steps 4 – 5

Email us

Email us and we can charge your $49 deposit. Later it will be credit on your last month of loyalty unless you renew. Then it rolls over.

Add payment option

Look for credit card icon. We only use this ACH payment method (like an e-check) if you break the contract. This is required for all loyalty.